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Doggy Day Care

iSocial Pets Doggy Day Care is a day care service, providing a home away from home for your dog when you cannot be present.

Why Doggy Daycare?
Dogs are social animals and love company. The truth is they prefer to be with us 24/7!

When left alone a lot of dogs become bored, they need to be entertained and will undoubtedly miss your company. We will help you by watching over your dog in its play and socialisation with other dogs. Winter months are particularly hard to exercise your dog so at iSocial Pets Doggy Day Care you know that your dog will be able to run around in play so that you do not have to feel guilty that the rain or inclement weather has not allowed you to exercise your dog.

Rather than have a dog walker or dog sitter look after your dog for up to an hour, why not give your dog a full days care where he or she can socialise and exercise in our outdoor play area?

Puppies also greatly benefit from doggy day care as it gives them the opportunity to socialise, and minimises boredom which can result in destructive behaviour such as chewing and digging.

iSocial Pets Doggy Day Care allows you to have peace of mind knowing that your dog will be cared for in a safe and supervised environment. Dogs are provided with enrichment toys and encouraged to participate in fun activities to keep them occupied, whilst having the opportunity to interact socially with other dogs and having human contact during the day with people who care.

Limited numbers accepted so no overcrowding
If your dog would benefit from this experience then your dog will have a good time at iSocial Pets Doggy Day Care.

Give your dog a go. iSocial Pets Doggy Day Care looks forward to seeing your dog soon.

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$40 Per Day when booking 3 or more days per week
additional Dog $20
Casual Rate $60 per Day
Day Care:
Drop off times: 7am-9am
Pick up times: 4pm-5pm
Closed Weekends and Public Holidays

Holders of seniors Card and Or Pension Card 20% off
Public Holiday a surcharge of 25% applies
** Please note we charge per calendar day, not per night.

All Payments due as soon as booking has been accepted by iSocial Pets. ( Unless other arrangements have been made)

Visa,Master and Debit
Hours of operation:
7am - 5pm Monday to Friday
CLOSED Weekends and Public Holidays
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